Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The snow, the plant and the fence - Picture exercice

In an attempt to become a better photographer, I'm reading Photography and the Art of Seeingby Freeman Patterson. It is filled with exercises. Nothing technical, all the opposite. Exercises to get you out of your confort zone, to try to see things from a different angle. I did not try much yet, but just reading them already got me to think a little.

On the way to work last week I saw some vegetation close to a fence. It had also snowed a little. This is not something I would have taken a picture of. Perfect for getting me out of my comfy bubble.

So stopped the car, took the camera (realized I only had my 100mm since I had my sling bag...). Walked in the snow and took some pictures. Then got back to the car, and got to work with a big smile and some snowy pants.

I was happy. Not because the pictures are so different from what you see here on Flickr, but happy because they are quite different of what I usually see in my viewfinder.

The snow, the plant and the fence - Picture exercice

Technical information:
100mm shot at ISO 200 1/160 f3.8
Changed white balance to give a more golder color, and played with curves to help the whites.

More images from that photo shoot in the comments.

I'm learning and want to improve. Don't hesitate to post constructive criticism!
Je veux m'améliorer. N'hésitez pas à me donner des critiques constructives!

Here are some other pictures.