Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making new friends!

Taken a little while ago but just realized it never made it here.

Our little girl since last year isn't scared of bugs anymore. Go back a little more and the sight of something smaller than a postage stamp, and she would shriek in horror!

Now, she's making new friends any time she can.

Technical information:
Shot at 55mm, ISO200 f4 and 1/160s
Changed the curves, saturation, cropped...
I'm learning and want to improve. Don't hesitate to post constructive criticism!

Making new friends!

Un photo de l'an dernier que je viens de rettrouver.

Notre petite n'a plus peur des insected depuis l'an dernier. Mais quelques mois plus tot, et tout le cartier savait lorsqu'un insecte avait frolé son champ de vision!

Maintenant, elle s'en fait des amis!

Information Technique:
Prise a 55mm, ISO200 f4 et 1/160
Changé les courbes, saturation, cadrage, etc!
Je veux m'améliorer. N'hésitez pas à me donner des critiques constructives!

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