Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gaia needs an haircut - Panoramic of the St-Lauwrence River

Also could have been called "Gaia needs a bush trim" but would have been less classy.

This one was a challenge to make as I was standing on a rock ledge, trying to keep the camera in the righ spot all along!

Interactive View.

Equirectangular of the St-Lauwrence River

Technical information:
10 images in 1 row of 8 + nadir + zenith
Shot at 8mm, ISO100 f9 and 1/200s.
Generated equirectangular panorama
Tonemapped in Photomatix from 16 bit exposure
Resent in Hugin to generate the planet
Post process to enhance the contrast and change the curves.
I'm learning and want to improve. Don't hesitate to post constructive criticism!

Celle-ci était difficile à prendre puisque j'étais en équilibre précaire sur les roches.

Vue Interactive.

Gaia needs an haircut - Stereographic projection of the St-Lauwrence River

Information Technique:
10 images en 1 rangée de 8 + nadir + zenith.
Pris à 8mm, ISO100 f9 et 1/200s.
Généré un panorama equirectangulaire avec hugin
Tonemappé avec Photomatix
Renvoyé dans hugin pour la projection stéréographique
Recoupé et arrangé contraste et courbes.
Je veux m'améliorer. N'hésitez pas à me donner des critiques constructives!

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