Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tadoussac Sand Dunes

Last summer vacation, we went to see the whales at Tadoussac. The morning before the boat trip (or should I say the planned boat trip since the shuttle "forgot" to come and get us and we had to reschedule...) we went to see the sand dunes. The kids and nani were playing in the sand, up in the dune. I walked down.

Actually, I ran all the way down. The sand just softens every step (and slows down any attempt to go back up...). I took 2 pano down, and one halfway going back up (a.k.a. I'm in shape and could have gone back up without stopping, but halfway was sooooooo nice I had to stop for pictures). This is the only one I processed so far. It was taken from one end of the dunes, where there were plenty of rocks. Though this would be a nicer background.

Classic 10mm setup: 16 * 3 exposures each + nadir * 3 exposure

Made 3 stereographic with this one. This one is a Waterworld style planet.

The next 2 are quite similar, but in one I liked the sun, and in the other I liked the clouds circling the planet. Couldn't decide, so kept both.

Interactive View.

Thanks for viewing.

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