Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Park Bench in Infrared! - Quebec City!

My first picture in infrared. The first public at least... I'll spare you the failed ones. This one is far from perfect, but it's a good start. Feel like when I started panos; working on shaky grounds.

One important breakthrough came when I found comments about Lightroom being quite bad at managing any IR white balance. So I went back to Canons (some people say it's among the best raw converters...). It indeed did a good job, and the image was more potent to work with than earlier tries.

[Editorial Comment]
I hadn't installed any of the software that came with the camera since I used lightroom and other software to do all the work; nothing from Canon. In this case, I needed it. So, I did as with all the software I use, I went to the site and downloaded the software. All went well. Until I tried to install... The software required me to provide the original CD (from the camera box), or would only update an already installed version.

Why would you do that? So people with a nikon\pentax\sony cannot use it? Come on! They probably will never use any canon software. And if they really wanted to, this is not going to stop them. So who does it piss off? Me, the canon user who because of the renovations has some furniture blocking access to the place where the box is.

Do you make money on the software? No! Do you sell more cameras because of the software (and would loose those sales if it was already available)? No!

Then, stop pissing off your users, and let them download it.
[Editorial Comment End]

Technical information:
Shot at 17mm, ISO400 f6.3 and 30s
Converted to 16 bit using Canon Digital Photo Professional
Swapped channels, changed white balance, changed levels.
I'm learning and want to improve. Don't hesitate to post constructive criticism!

Park Bench in Infrared! - Quebec City!

Ma premiere photo en infrarouge! La premiere publique du moins... je vais vous épargner les essais manqués. Il reste du chemin a faire, mais ca commence à être intéressant. J'ai l'impression de travailler comme au début avec les panos, sur des fondations boiteuses.

Une des évolutions importante lors de mes essais vient d'un commentaire sur les limitations de lightroom à faire la balance des blancs sur une image infrarouge. Donc, je suis retourné à la recommendation soit le raw converter de Canon. La balance des blancs était meilleure; une meilleure fondation pour batir mes prochains IR.

Information Technique:
Prise a 17mm, ISO400 f6.3 et 30s
Converti en 16 bit avec Canon Digital Photo Professional
Changer les canneaux (?), changé le white balance, les niveaux.
Je veux m'améliorer. N'hésitez pas à me donner des critiques constructives!

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