Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bad Bay Bridge 2 - Pano in La Malbaie, Quebec

This is a little bridge\dock that extends in the St-Lawrence river. Bad Bay is the literal translation of Malbaie, the french name of the city where this was shot.
It was taken about 2 meters from where this one was taken to show more of the bridge structure. It was also shot from higher so we can see the horizon over the bridge rails. I originaly processed both with the same photomatix settings but reprocessed this one with a softer output. Any preferences?

Interactive View.

Bad Bay Bridge 2 - Pano in La Malbaie, Quebec

Bad Bay Bridge Planet 2 - Pano in La Malbaie, Quebec

Technical information:
51 images in 3 rows of 4-8-4 images + nadir * 3 exposures each.
Shot at 10mm, ISO100 f11 and 1/80s +\- 2 stop.
Generated 3 equirectangular panorama (one per exposure) with hugin and post process with photomatix.

I'm learning and want to improve. Don't hesitate to post constructive criticism!
Je veux m'améliorer. N'hésitez pas à me donner des critiques constructives!


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